I can’t find my suburb listed on your website can I still book a bin?

If your suburb is not listed then this means we do not cover that area.

How do I know what bin size is a good size for me

It’s hard for us to assess as we do not know exactly how much rubbish you have but if you have a look through our bins page it will show you the different bin sizes, how much rubbish they hold and the dimensions.

What is a cubic metre?

A cubic metre is a standard unit of measurement. One cubic metre is the amount that would be held in a cube that is one metre wide by one metre high by one metre deep.

How many days can I have the bin for?

The bins are generally for four days but can be left longer or picked up earlier by arrangement only.

How can I pay for the bin?

We take payment on delivery only we accept cash or credit card at the time of booking. You can also direct credit into our account. Funds will need to show in account prior to delivery. We no longer accept cheques.

Do I need to be there when the bin is delivered?

We can still deliver the bin for you without you being there if you have either paid by credit card at the time of booking or by direct credit. Otherwise we can call you half an hour before the bin arrives so you can meet the driver onsite with cash.

How wide does my driveway have to be to have a bin delivered?

We need at least 2.6m-2.8m in width with no bends in your driveway and no overhanging trees.

Can I have the bin left on the road?

Unfortunately we are unable to do this as it is a road hazard. The only exemption is if you have obtained a permit from your local council before hand. Please call the Auckland council for more information 09 301 0100.

Can I mix concrete, bricks or soil with my rubbish?

Unfortunately no – we have separate bins for hard fill only or rubbish only.

I need a general rubbish bin but also need to get rid of a very small amount of hardfill can put it in the same bin?

If you have a small amount of hardfill to go with your rubbish we may be able to do a mixed bin for you. Mixed load bins for rubbish and hardfill, you must contact the office for prior arrangement and payment is strictly by credit card with weight restrictions.

What is hard fill?

Soil, concrete, clay, rocks, bricks, sand, tiles, scoria.

How high can I fill the bin?

As stated on our bins the top level is the highest you can fill the bin, any higher is unsafe to transport and excess rubbish may have to be removed by the driver.

Do your bins have weight limits?

All general rubbish bins have weight limits 2m – 400kgs, 3m – 600kgs, 4.5m – 900kgs, 6m – 1000kgs, 7.5m – 1200kgs, 9m – 1500kgs, 12m – 2000kgs. Hardfill bins do not have weight limits and must be 100% hardfill.

What is the additional cost if my bin goes overweight?

The overweight charge is $15 per 100kgs over the bins weight limit.

I left rubbish beside the bin how come the driver didn’t take it away?

Drivers are advised not to take away anything that is not in the bin, this is because we cannot be sure if the hirer wished to dispose of those particular items. Please make sure if you want it taken away it must be in the bin at the time of removal.

I need a GST tax receipt can you supply me with one?

Sure thing, if requested the driver can write one up for you or the office can send one out.

What things are not allowed to go into the bins?

Things such as tyres, wet paint, asbestos, polystyrene, hot ashes or any other hazardous material.

Then how do I dispose of my hazardous waste?

You can visit www.hazmobile.govt.nz for more information about their collection service or you can contact your local council.

Can I move the bin?

You must not move the bins at all, this is because you may move the bin to an area where the truck cannot pick it up again. Also you may damage the bin if it is not moved correctly. Any damage to the bins will be paid by the hirer.

Can I organise to keep my bin longer/shorter or organise another bin with the driver?

We recommend all requests are to be made through the office, this way all requests are recorded.