What size bin do I need?
Please refer to the bin pages to help determine what size and specification you require.

What forms of payment do you accept and who do I pay?
Payment is made prior to delivery of the bin by Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

What is not allowed to be placed in the bin?
We are not able to accept any form of hazardous waste, for example chemicals, waste oil, paint, tyres, fibrolite (asbestos), bulk food waste, flammables or bulk glass. Please ring us at the office for clarification.

What size bins do you have?
We have a range of bin and skip sizes to suit all types of jobs from a 3 cubic metre mini skip through to a 9 cubic metre high sided jumbo bin.

Our 3 and 4.5 cubic metre hard fill bins are purpose built to take clean hard-fill such as soil, concrete, bricks, stone, tiles, clay, and rocks. These smaller bins are also ideal for all purpose clean ups.

For those larger clean ups we offer 6 and 9 cubic metre bins. These bins are suitable for all types of household and commercial waste (apart from hard fill).

How long can I have the bin?
Our standard term of hire is up to 4 days; however please let us know if you would like to arrange a bin for more than 4 days. If for any reason you require the bin removed prior to the four days we can accommodate this.

What width of drive do I require in order for trucks to access my property?
We require a minimum width of 2.8 metres and a height of 4 metres.

How high can I fill the bin?
LTSA rules require that bins must be level with the top of the bin. Please ensure to comply with this requirement, as for health and safety reasons our drivers are not able to collect bins that are loaded over height or insecurely loaded.

Do you have excess weight charges on your bins?
Yes we do on general waste bins. We charge $200.00 incl GST per tonne over the limit. This is pro rata.
Excess weight limits apply if the bin or skip is overloaded, or exceeds our stipulated weight for the size of bin. Please check our terms of trade for weight limits and current overweight charges. Plese note if hardfill bins are contaminated they will be tipped as general rubbish and charged out on weight. Hardfill is strictly dirt, concrete, rocks, bricks, clay, sand and clean tiles only. Excess charges must be paid within 7days of notifying the customer.

By utilising our bins, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions as stated here and in your confirmation email sent prior to delivery.

If you have any further questions feel free to call us on 0800 150 150, we are here to assist.