Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal is a Bins R’ Us specialty. Large or small, we can remove this material safely and provide and wide variety of options for doing so, catering to every size job. Disposal certificates can be supplied on request.


If you have a small amount of asbestos (under 1cu/m) you can call us on 0800 150 150 to arrange a time to bring it direct to our yard. All waste delivered this way MUST be supplied in the following manner.

  • All waste, including disposable (single-use) masks and coveralls, cloths and plastic sheets should be double-bagged in heavy-duty plastic bags. Twist the top of the bags tightly, fold the necks over (a ‘gooseneck twist’) and seal with adhesive tape so that the contents are fully enclosed. Clearly mark the outer bag as asbestos waste.

All direct drop offs will incur a $200+gst service fee + $54+gst per 100kgs weight charge. Packages will be weighed when you drop them off.


For loads between 1 and 1.5cu/m we can supply double sealed Asbestos Hazibags. More information on these can be found HERE.



For larger loads we can supply any of our regular skip bins for Asbestos Waste removal. These sizes are 3cu/m, 4.5cu/m, 6cu/m and 9 cu/m. These bins must be double lined with polythene by the hirer, with all seams sealed with duct tape before any asbestos is placed in the bin.  Once the bin has been filled, the package must be fully sealed on top and clearly marked as asbestos.

For all size bins, there is a standard service fee of $320+gst.  Tipping is charged at $540+gst per tonne pro rata.



  • For Casual customers. Payment must be made via Visa or Mastercard before we remove the bin or handle the material. A 3% credit card fee applies.. 
  • For Account Customers you will be charged in accordance with the terms of your contract.

To organise any of these services, please call us on 0800 150 150 and speak to one of our helpful team.