Methamphetamine contaminated disposal

Contamination of household goods by Methamphetamine is a big problem in New Zealand.


How does a home get contaminated?

Meth contamination is the residue and by-products left on surfaces after meth has been used (smoked), manufactured, distributed or stored within a property. These contaminants can easily be absorbed into building materials, fixtures, fittings and household items.

Bins R Us is prepared and ready to help with your disposal needs.


We can supply any of our regular skip bins for Meth Waste removal. These sizes are 3cu/m, 4.5cu/m, 6cu/m and 9cu/m. Meth waste bins do not need to be lined with polythene like Asbestos bins, however a layer of Polythene taped to the top of the bin once full will reduce the contaminated dust and fiber exposure while waiting for collection.


For all size bins, there is a standard service fee of $320+gst.  Tipping is charged at $540+gst per tonne pro rata.



  • For Casual customers. Payment must be made via Visa or Mastercard before we remove the bin or handle the material.
  • For Account Customers you will be charged in accordance with the terms of your contract.



To order a Meth Waste bin, please call us on 0800 150 150 and speak to one of our helpful team.