Methamphetamine contaminated disposal

Contamination of household goods by Methamphetamine is a big problem in New Zealand. How does a home get contaminated?
Meth contamination is the residue and by-products left on surfaces after meth has been used (smoked), manufactured,distributed or stored within a property. These contaminants can easily be absorbed into building materials, fixtures, fittings and household items.

Discount Bins is prepared and ready to help with your disposal needs. The following is a step by step process you need to follow.

  • Contact our office 0800 300 666 or order on this site a suitable bin. Our staff are trained to help.
  • Wear protective clothing when handling contaminated household goods.
  • Fill the bin. ( no need to wrap in plastic etc.)
  • Contact our office (0800 300 666) and we will remove the bin.


  • Your Bill
    A handling fee will be included in your bill.
    You will be notified that your contaminated material has been disposed of correctly and you will be supplied with a certificate to this effect. Direct Debit, Visa or cash is an accepted form of payment.


  • Payment:
  • For Casual customers.  Payment must be made before we remove the bin or handle the material.
  • For Account Customers you will be charged in accordance with the terms of your contract.