Terms And Conditions

As the hirer you are responsible for the bin during the time of hire. This includes what is going in the bin and any damage to the bin.

You agree not to:

  1. Allow any burning of waste in the bins.
  2. Place or allow in the bin any non-complying waste, including but not limited to any liquid waste, any waste that may be explosive, toxic, dangerous, hazardous, noxious, acids, solvents, minerals, greases, oils, liquid concrete or asbestos.
  3. Fill or allow the bin to be filled higher than the top level of the bin which may result in spillage of waste. Due to rules and regulations of NZ Land Transport Safety Authority, the NZ Police & Occupational Health & Safety, overloaded and unsecure bins cannot be transported.
  4. Move the bin or use the bin for any other purpose than for placement of waste. Note any bin requiring salvage (ie irretrievable after being moved without permission) is at the Hirers expense.

There must be clear access available to the driver in order to deliver and collect the bin.

The Hirer is responsible for the free and suitable access to the delivery site including the removal and reinstatement of any obstructions and ensuring that there are stable ground conditions for the delivery, placement and removal of the bin.

Bins R Us (2020) Ltd will take no responsibility for any damage to any surface and the Hirer is required to take all necessary steps to protect such surfaces before delivery and after collection.

The driver is hereby instructed to deliver the bin as directed by the client or practical and no claim may be made against Bins R Us Ltd for any damage resulting to driveways or underground services such as cables, drainage, trees and overhanging telephone, power lines.

The Hirer is responsible to ensure the bin is sufficiently visible and appropriate warning signs are posted whilst the bin is in your possession.

Bins R Us (2020) Ltd may refuse to enter on to the site if in its sole and absolute discretion the site is not acceptable from a safety perspective.

Bins cannot be left on the road unless you have a permit pertaining to the Council Bylaws of that area. You will be responsible for the health & safety measures required to leave the bin on the road for the duration of the permit during the day and night.

Bins R Us (2020) Ltd  will provide a full refund in the respect of any ordered bin not provided by Bins R Us (2020) Ltd. However if you choose to cancel your bin you must do so 24hours prior to delivery, if you choose to cancel later than this then a cancellation fee will apply. There will be no refunds if Bins R Us have arrived at the scheduled delivery address and are then turned away.

Charges  (futile fee) will apply if we arrive at a site and we cannot deliver or pick up a bin outside of our control ie: overweight charges, incorrect waste, obstacles in front or around the bin, site is too narrow, overhanging trees, sharp corners or no access.

By hiring and utilising our bins you agree to pay any overweight charges that may occur. All rubbish bins have weight limits:

Bin Size 2m 3m 4.5m 6m 7m 9m 12m
Weight Limit 400kg 600kg 900kg 1000kg 1200kg 1500kg 2000kg


Overweight charges are $20 per 100kgs over the weight limit given for all general rubbish bin.

Overweight charges are $9 per 100kgs over the weight limit given for all hardfill bins. 3m hardfill bins have a weight limit of 3,000kgs and 4.5m hardfill bins have a weight limit of 4,500kgs.

Contaminated hardfill bins will be tipped as general rubbish and charged out on weight at $20 per 100kgs. The Hirer is responsible to pay these additional costs within 7-days. Hardfill bins can only have dirt, concrete, rocks, bricks, clay, sand and clean tiles only.

Payments by credit card,  you authorise us to charge the supplied credit card for the cost of the bin, cancellation costs, overweight charges and any futile fees relating to delivery and removal of the bin.

All bins remain the property of Bins R Us (2020) Ltd. By hiring the bin you give Bins R Us (2020) Ltd authority to take any necessary steps to enter your premises/property to reclaim our bins.

By utilising the bin you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions as stated.

Security capabilities and policy for tranmission of payment card data:
Bins R Us (2020) Ltd. uses Paymark to handle your credit card information safely and securely. We participate in the Verified by Visa and MasterCard Securecode initiatives to ensure your details are as safe as possible.

All transactions are billed in New Zealand dollars.