Asbestos Hazibags

The new way to pack, transport and dispose of asbestos. Hazibag is the SAFE alternative for smaller loads of Asbestos. Once the Asbestos has been placed inside the Hazibag, it is fully contained. There is no chance for accidental exposure. Another key feature of Hazibag is that it eliminates the need to use a steel container bin for transport. Hazibag can be placed directly on the collection vehicle to be transported to the landfill. But, even though Hazibag was created with Asbestos in mind, its final certification makes Hazibag suitable for a variety of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Wastes.

These bags have been tested and certified to this capacity and a copy of the test certificate is available on request

  • Price includes the bag, freight and collection. Bags will be sent via courier.
  • You can have the bag as long as you want, just call us for pick up and we will collect it within 7 days.



Asbestos Hazibags hire has never been easier. Just choose the size of hazibag you need, enter your address, specify how long you require the hazibag for, and we’ll deliver it to you. We offer free delivery and pickup, as well as disposal. All you need to worry about is the cost of hiring the hazibag.