The Importance Of Not Overloading Bins

This is not a regular occurrence but unfortunately this really does happen people! Overloaded bins are funny to look at but there is no way we can transport a bin like this safely. All bins must be filled to the level only, (as stated on the side of the bin) this is to ensure the driver can cover the bin properly before taking it away so it is 100% safe when transporting off site. So think safe people and if you think you need a 9m bin.. please order a 9m bin as a 3m bin will not do the job.

Thursday 13th February:

Hardfill Bins:
Here at Bins R Us we have three hardfill bin sizes perfect for any landscaping work, breaking up that old brick chimney or digging up concrete. Our sizes are 2cubic metres, 3cubic metres (low sided) and 4.5cubic metres (low sided) The low sided bins are low and long perfect for easy loading as no one wants to be lifting hardfill into a high sided bin. These bins must be strictly hardfill only and they are charged per bin and do not have weight limits. What do we classify as hardfill? Hardfill is dirt/soil, concrete, clay, scoria, rocks, bricks, sand, concrete tiles and clean ceramic tiles (with no backing).

Friday 10th January:

1st working week back for most people is almost over.. not for us however as we worked through the Christmas period. Busy busy busy! It’s been crazy here with everyone wanting bins for summer. Something about this great weather gets people in the mood to do a big clean up. Our bins are great for the big clean ups and hardfill bins are perfect for the landscaping you may be starting. Fingers and toes crossed this weather stays beautiful for the weekend!