Bins R Us Ltd Terms and Conditions.

The driver is hereby instructed to deliver his load as directed by the client and no claim may be made against Bins R Us for any damage resulting to driveways, overhead or underground services such as cables, drainage, trees, telephone wires etc. Bins R Us will not be liable for any claim for damages, loss or expense related to the non supply of the bin.

Once placed the equipment must not be moved.

The client shall be liable for any damage or loss sustained in respect of the equipment delivered, including fire damage.

Do not overload beyond the edge of bin, excessive weights will be charged accordingly.

By hiring and utilising our bins you agree to pay any overweight charges that may occur. All rubbish bins have weight limits 2m – 400kgs, 3m – 600kgs, 4.5m – 900kgs, 6m – 1200kgs, 7.5m – 1500kgs, 9m – 1800kgs, 12m – 2500kgs. Overweight charges are $15 per 100kgs over the weight limit given.

Payments by credit card, you authorise us to charge your credit card for the cost of the bin and any overweight charges.

Heavy bins that are likely to go overweight and mixed load bins must be paid by credit card. Overweight tip dockets and receipts can be sent out if requested.

You are responsible to pay Bins R Us Ltd for any fees incurred for incorrect waste, excessive weights, blocked access and or damage to the bin.

On collection any rubbish not placed in the bin will not be taken away. It is the sole responsibility of the hirer to ensure all rubbish they wish to dispose is securely place in the bin. If there is any type of cover on the bin, the hirer must remove this before the driver uplifts the bin otherwise it will go with collection. The driver is not responsible for determining what you wish to dispose of and what you wish to keep.

Bins are for up to a four day hire only. We have the right to take our bin off site on the fourth day even if you have not filled it. If you choose to keep the bin longer there will be an extra fee. Any extensions must be made through the office and not the driver.

If for any reason we cannot pick up our bin and we have to make another trip to the site there may be an extra charge.

All bins supplied by Bins R Us Ltd remain the property of Bins R Us Ltd.

The hirer is responsible for the bin during the time of hire, including what goes into the bin, overweight charges and any damage to the bin.

In the situation where there is a third party involved in a booking eg. a landlord booking for a tenant the person booking the bin is responsible for payment and the bin during the time of hire, including damage and overweight charges. – In this situation it would be the landlord.

By hiring the bin you give Bins R Us Ltd authority to take any necessary steps to enter your premises/property to reclaim our bins.

Bins R Us will provide a full refund in the respect of any ordered bin not provided by Bins R Us. If you choose to cancel your bin you must do so 24hours prior to delivery, if you choose to cancel later than this then a cancellation fee will apply. There will be no refunds if Bins R Us have arrived at the scheduled delivery address and are then turned away.

All transactions are billed in New Zealand dollars.

Bins online uses ANZ eGatetm to handle your credit card information safely and securely. We participate in the Verified by Visa and MasterCard Securecode initiatives to ensure your details are as safe as possible.

Bins R Us will endeavour to deliver your bin on the booked delivery date but Bins R Us will not be liable for any failure or delays in delivery. Late delivery does not entitle anyone to cancel any order or entitle anyone to a refund.

All payments must be made on delivery unless stated otherwise failure to do so may result in debt collection costs.

The cost of collecting this debt will be a minimum of $3000.00 plus GST in disbursement fees (the cost of filing this matter in the district court) and a commission of 50% plus GST of the outstanding debt amount (the cost of administering and enforcing the repayment of my debt). The cost of collection may alter without notice.

Use of this website and/or the ordering of bins deems that you have read, understand and agree with our terms and conditions of trade.

Here’s some additional information for our customers to read/print off.


Bins R Us Ltd are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers.

Personal information provided by you is used only for the purpose of your order. Information will be kept on file for a certain period as a reference if you choose to use us again. This does not include credit card details, once your order is complete the credit card details are destroyed.

Your details will not be used for any other purpose other than the above.

Bins R Us Ltd will not release any of your personal information to a third party.